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With more and more people wanting to not only secure their online presence and devices, but they are also looking for ways to secure their homes, property and loved ones, and with this increased want of security, they are increasingly opting for the use of a wireless Wi-Fi camera.

These cameras are designed to provide home and property security and help ensure your families’ safety. Their use also helps to deter possible intruders, but with these benefits, there also an increased risk associated with the use of a wireless Wi-Fi camera.

Criminals have found ways to Hack into, there have been thousands of reported Wi-Fi camera Hacks. Check Hacked security camera list, one site has reported more than 73,000 cameras in 256 countries have been hacked. ABC News reported a family’s baby monitor was hacked and used to spy on a 2yr old.

Learning how to use and prevent our wireless Wi-Fi camera, baby monitors, and webcams from being Hacked has become of the utmost importance.

How Does A Wireless Wi-Fi Camera Get Hacked?

These Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as Wi-Fi cameras, webcams, and baby monitors lack any security features to prevent Hacking. They do not support SSL/TLS encryption, See A More Detailed Description Here. This lack of any type of encryption allows any video recording vulnerable to Hackers. Lack of user knowledge about the security between their router and cameras also contributes to Wi-Fi camera Hacks.

Hackers are using a technique called “Clickjacking” See A More Detailed Description Here. This “Clickjacking” is used to trick a user into “Clicking” on a transparent interface the Hacker has placed over an interface the user is expecting to see. For example, the Hacker places an “Allow” button over a “Play” button once the user “Clicks” on the “Play” button the Hacker has now gained access to their Wi-Fi cameras, webcam, baby monitors, or network.

Securing Wireless Wi-Fi Cameras, Webcamsrouter

Now that we know that Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as Security cameras, webcams, and baby monitors are not very secure, we will look at some easy ways to provide some protection to these devices.

Secure your Wi-Fi network by using encryption. Most routers allow you to manually set your encryption, WPA2-AES is a very good choice, See A More Detailed How-To Here.

Use a strong unique password on your router, also change the default SSID Name, See A More Detailed How-To Here, to a strong unique password. Use a different password for each of the networks you may have such as 2.4 and 5.0 if you have. Finally, consider turning off any “Guest Network” features.

Change the default password for your Wi-Fi cameras, using the default password or a weak password on your device is an easy target for any Hackers. They can gain access through the Wi-Fi-enabled devices and once in they have access to your whole network.

The use of a strong unique password that contains Upper/lower case letters, with a combination of numbers and characters is recommended. The more complicated the password the less likely a Hacker could guess it. It is also not recommended to use any existing passwords, create a new unique password.

Reduce Riskup date

It is also recommended that you turn off the “Remote Online Monitoring” feature. There is an increased risk that the App or website can be exposed to hackers. Keep off until you want to use, and turn it back off once you have finished.

Keep your Wi-Fi-enabled devices up to date with the latest firmware updates, this will help to increase better performance and will help to repair any bugs or errors to the system.

If you set up to automatically update when you originally set up your devices you won’t have to worry, but if you have to manually check for updates to firmware make sure you do regularly by checking your specific manufacturers’ official website and apply any new firmware updates available.

If you are in the market to buy Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, webcam or baby monitor for the first time or replacing old, damaged or broken devices make sure to check The Unsecured IP Camera List to see if the brand you may be interested in purchasing is not on the list.

Purchase devices from a reputable seller, with good customer service and positive customer feedback. Keep in mind a lot of the new Wi-Fi-enabled cameras now provide security options, so make sure your new device supports SSL or TLS and also supports SSL encryption.

Secure Your Webcams

Turn off any webcams you may have. Most new computers, laptops, etc. have built-in webcams so when not using it is recommended you turn them off.

This also applies to any external webcams you may have, it is also recommended you turn off or disable any microphones on your computers and or laptops.

If this all seems a bit extreme, it really isn’t, since Hackers have developed Malware that is able to hear and see us through webcams and microphones we must do all we can to protect our security and privacy. Another good practice is to cover your webcam lens when not in use.

Tape, or a post-it note, will work fine. I personally have a post-it note folded in half covering the external webcam on my desktop monitor, just be sure you don’t stick directly on the lens as this will leave a sticky residue.

Add Some Additional Security

In addition to the already discussed steps to secure any Wi-Fi-enabled devices, you own another great step is the addition of Anti-Malware software/program to your computer, laptop, etc.

We already know the value of having a reputable Anti-Virus software/program protecting our devices, but most Anti-Virus software/programs do not protect against Malware threats. Anti-Malware tools will help to protect against malicious files and sites. They also identify and remove any of these malware threats.

They also help to ensure proper functionality and performance of your computer, laptop, etc. Again it is highly recommended running regular update checks to Anti-Malware software/program, this will help to combat any new Malware threats as they are released.

Protecting any outdoor Wi-Fi enabled cameras you may own is also something you should be securing. Make sure cameras are located away from the elements and are out of reach of burglars and kids.

In The End

With all the threats we may encounter to our security and privacy on a daily basis we must do everything possible to protect ourselves. Cyber-Criminals are finding more new and innovative ways to invade our privacy, they have found ways to access our electronic devices and as we become more and more dependent on these devices they will continue to find new ways to access. So it’s with this knowledge we have to continue to protect ourselves at all times. They’re not going to give up so we must not either!!!!

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  1. This is a very good and informative article. Wireless wi-fi cameras is a very important for security in every home. This equipment is of many great importance as well because it also helps in online advertising but hacking wi-fi cameras is what I know nothing about. This article has also taught me more on how to secure webcams, I sincerely appreciate your good work and i hope to see more amazing reviews too.

    • Hi Perry, thanks for taking the time to visit and comment, I am glad you found the post helpful and informatiive

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  2. Glad I ran across your article.  I’m in the process of looking for wireless home cameras and this seems like a great place to start.  Security wasn’t something I was originally thinking about.  I’m was thinking more on the lines of how well it sees in darkened conditions and resolution.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I will definitely add security as a high priority when looking into cameras.

    • Hi Thomas, Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I am glad you found the post helpful and informative, it’s great I brought to your attention the need to secure your Cameras, good luck with your purchase!!

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  3. Hi! Up to this point I didn’t know that these cameras we install in our homes could be hacked. Cyber-security is a big thing among nations and I know that in the middle east this has been one of the weapons that has been strengthen in the past years. But I hadn’t thought all that could be transferred to our home and that we could be at risk. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I am glad you found the post informative, I didn’t realize hacking into Wi-Fi cameras was a thing until I started doing research for my post.

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