What Is Firewalla? And What Does It Do?

What is Firewalla? It is a very good question. In this post, we will look at this very interesting little device. We will look at its features and what Firewalla does and can do to help protect your privacy and information while online. So let’s get right to it!!

What is Firewalla and what does it do?

What Is Firewalla?

Firewalla was developed and built by 4 co-workers Melvin Tu, Jerry Chen, Annie Lu and Michelle Ma with the goal of making ” Cyber Security Simple, Affordable and Powerful for everyone” Firewalla was funded through “Kickstart” in 2017 and again through Indiegogo” in 2018. They are located in San Jose, California.

Firewalla is a very compact little device that plugs into your router and once plugged in will provide protection from internet and network threats. It acts as a Firewall that can block and detect any external access to your devices such as, Smart TVs, Baby monitors, or any other devices you may have connected.

Firewalla is basically a Security all-in-one that will protect your entire network, by monitoring suspicious Apps and blocks access to malicious links on all of your devices. Firewalla also has built-in AdBlocking features and Parental controls to prevent access to inappropriate sites.

Firewalla is a tiny device with some huge features. Firewalla measures in at 1.8 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches, currently there are 2 models to chose from “Red” and “Blue” and available summer of 2020 will be a 3rd model the Firewalla Gold. We are only going to look at the 2 models that are currently available.

We will look at the similarities and differences between the two and then we will dive into some of the many features that Firewalla has to offer.

Red Or Blue Which Is For You?

Is “Red” for you? you may want to consider “Red” if your internet speed will stay <100 Megabits and will be connecting less than 50 devices. “Red” is a great choice for home use.

Is “Blue” for you? you may want to opt for “Blue” if your internet speed is >100 Megabits and will connect more than 50 devices. “Blue” is a great choice for business and professional users, and would also be good for home use.

“Blue” also offers more professional features.


Suited for Family, Home Business, with Standard Internet Speeds


Suited for Family, Small Business and Professionals, with High-Speed Internet


Major Features

  • Parental Controls
  • OPEN VPN Server Built-In
  • AdBlocking On All Devices
  • VPN Client
  • Site-To-Site VPN (1.965)
  • Auto-Filtering of Malicious, Porn Sites
  • Home Network Access From Anywhere In The World
  • Sending And Receiving Firewall And Intrusion Prevention
  • Cyber-Security Protection On All Connected Devices

Common Features

  • Plug And Play
  • Easy To Use
  • Android, iOS Support
  • Easy Access To Cyber-Security Features
  • Plugs Into Router – Does Not Replace

Additional Features

  • DDNS
  • Device Management
  • Content Filtering
  • Activity Detection
  • Bandwidth Usage Monitoring, Hourly, Daily, And Monthly
  • Network Scans – Internal, External



The Firewalla AdBlock feature will block Ads for both web pages and mobile Apps. The Built-In AdBlock will block you from seeing Ads and the Ads from seeing you. Once, Firewalla has been set up AdBlock can be turned on/off with the swipe of the AdBlock button. The AdBlock feature is very easy to use.

While the AdBlock feature on Firewalla is good it is not perfect, it does not and can not block every Ad. The developers admit that Firewalla will only block certain Ads. It would be impossible to block all Ads, they also admit that Firewalla cannot block YouTube Ads.

Even with these limitations Firewalla still provides excellent AdBlocking functionality.

Test your AdBlocking Click Here


Activity And Parental Controls

With Firewalla you have the ability to both manage access and have activity controls to devices connected to your network. You also have total visibility to see what is being accessed and to control this access. Firewalla allows you to see what everybody is doing.


  • Network Flows – Remotely monitor what your kids or staff are doing online. You will be able to see every device that is connected to the Firewalla network, to locate a specific device tap the device list, “click” on “Network Flows” and you will be able to see what this device is doing.
  • Activity Alarms – This feature will notify you when someone is watching a video, playing a game or visiting a porn site.
  • Online/Offline Alarms – This feature will notify you when someone has Logged back on or Logged off their device on the network.

Basic Controls

  • Social Hour – Allows you to temporally block all social networking for 1 Hour
  • Safe Search – Will automatically filter any offensive searches, works with Duck Duck Go, YouTube, Google, and Bing.
  • Family Protect – Automatically blocks any offensive material and adult content.

Strict Controls

Firewalla allows you to add rules and policies to a specific individual, device or to all devices over the network.

You can create a Block Rule by a list of different activities such as

You have the ability to set the Block limit to an Hour, certain time of day or night, or permanently.

Cyber-Security Protection

Firewalla is a fantastic little addition to the other Cyber-Security arsenal you may currently have. It is not a replacement for your Anti-Virus/Malware programs but an added layer of security That features

  • Intelligent Behavioral Analytics
  • Built-In VPN Server
  • Support And Management By Smart Phone Apps
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Firewalla will monitor and alert you when it detects any vulnerabilities or malicious activities such as

  • Detects Phishing or Malware link is “Clicked”
  • Detects Hackers trying to access Security, Baby, or Web Cams and other connected devices
  • Scans Open ports to detect security Risks and or Vulnerabilities
  • Detects if Phones are infected with malware
  • Detects any Apps that may be performing Malicious activities without your knowledge

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Firewalla actively monitors and detects any and all suspicious activities on over the network connections 24/7. Any suspicious connections detected are sorted into different levels. The really “Bad” types detected are automatically Blocked while others are Blocked Temporally and Firewalla will send out an alert so you can choose to continue Block or not.

Intelligent Behavior

Firewalla continually monitors and analyzes your activity and behavior while connected to the network. When it detects any abnormal activity Firewalla will send a notification about this activity to your device so you can decide on the necessary course of action.

Family Time

Firewalla has a really great feature that allows you to Block all Social Networks for an Hour. With the tap of the “Social Hour” button, you can take a time out from the technology of today to enjoy some quality family time with your loved ones.

VPN Protection

The Firewalla VPN Server is built into the device, it provides protection for all your devices wherever you are and with the same level of protection as if you were at home. Firewalla VPN server is Free and runs inside your Home network. There are no Monthly charges or additional fees.

Firewalla VPN Server also has many features such as

  • Easy Set-Up
  • Data Encryption
  • Secure Access
  • Free
  • Always At Home – You have access to your streaming subscription services, banking, etc. as if you were at home.

Firewalla offers all the protections of a traditional VPN service without the cost, but you can also use your existing VPN service on the Firewalla, a couple that is compatible are


Powerful Little Device

So as we have discovered this powerful little device packs quite the security punch. The Firewalla would make a great addition to any one’s security system. Its small size, low cost, and big features make it a good choice to help boost your security measures.

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