Portable Wi-Fi Router, What Is It? How Does It Work?

With the ever-growing list of new electronic gadgets being introduced to the market place, the Portable Wi-Fi Router is an especially interesting one. With most modern phones already offering the capability of acting as a Wi-Fi hot spot what would be the benefit of purchasing a portable Wi-Fi Router?

With these new devices’ come new technologies that are built-in. These devices’ are very small and portable and offer greater security. They are many advantages to using a portable Wi-Fi Router. So let’s try to see if we can find out the benefits of a Portable Wi-Fi Router and how they work?

What Is A Portable Wi-Fi Router?router wifi

A Portable Wi-Fi router or Pocket Router is very similar to your home Router with the exception that unlike your home router it is wireless and does not need a cable to connect to the internet. It is a small wireless router that allows you to connect to and through a mobile network, most likely 3G or 4G.

With this connection, you can broadcast a portable Wi-Fi signal which in turn allows any Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as a phone, computer, etc. access to the internet with a secure and fast connection.

Benefits Of Portable Wi-Fi Router

One of the biggest benefits of using a portable Wi-Fi Router is the greater security its use provides while using a Public Wi-Fi internet connection. We now have Wi-Fi access almost everywhere via Public Wi-Fi, so whether you are shopping, having dinner, are taking a walk you most likely have Public Wi-Fi access.

While these Public Wi-Fi connections are easily accessible and convenient there use poses a risk to your security and privacy. These Public Wi-Fi connections are vulnerable to hackers and other Cyber-Criminals who may be exploiting these public connections to spy on you and or steal your personal information.

When using a Portable Wi-Fi Router you can also protect your personal information. Most of these devices have firewall and password protection to control who has access to your Wi-Fi Connection. With these also comes the added protection of WPA-2 encryption and WPA (Wireless Protection Access) features which greatly increase your online security while connected to the internet.

Most models of Portable Wi-Fi Routers also have built-in support for a VPN ( Virtual Private Network.

Great portability, most of these devices are small enough to fit in your pocket. With the small size and its portability, the use of is a great choice for travelers. They also offer excellent compatibility with all of your devices and allows these devices one network connection. The use of a Portable Wi-Fi Router will also help you to avoid unnecessary roaming charges.

Types Of Portable Wi-Fi Routers


The different types of Portable Wi-Fi Router or Pocket Router are classified into 3 categories, They are as follows

  • SIM Based
  • USB Datacards With Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature
  • USB Modem/Datacard Based

We will look at each one First is the

SIM Based – With this type you will have to purchase a separate SIM card from a reputable ISP (Internet Service Provider) and install the SIM to the Router. Once you have installed the SIM card on Router you must connect with a USB cable to your device to configure this device to allow it to use and establish the connection with the ISP.

When the device is configured properly and has established a connection you can disconnect the USB cable. Your device is now ready to use as a Wi-Fi Router. The device can also act as a Modem as well as a Wi-Fi Hot spot.

USB Datacard/Modem Based – With these types of Wi-Fi Routers you will need a USB Datacard to provide the connection to the internet. The USB Datacard plugs into the Portable Wi-Fi Router and once you have turned on you connect to the internet. Then you must configure the initial setup settings, by connecting your device via USB cable to access a User Admin Panel through your web browser.

Once you have connected and configured you are ready to use the WI-Fi Router to access the internet.

USB Dongle Datacard Wi-Fi Hotspot Option- Is virtually the same as the above option that requires a Datacard, they are may Datacards that are available with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot so you don’t require two separate cards with will save you some money.

Choice And What To Look Forlook out for

Of the 3 types, the SIM Based appears to be the best and easiest option, as far as setup and ease of use. The SIM Based are in most cases “Unlocked” which gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of ISP providers. With the other two options in most cases, you have little to no choice of ISP providers, they are for the most part “Locked” to one provider, with no access or connection through another provider.

So I think we nailed down the best option for a Portable Wi-Fi Router, that being the SIM Based type, let us look at some of the options we might find important to our specific needs.

  • Cost – Most of these devices are relatively inexpensive you can find between the $40 – $140 USD price range depending on its features. Remember like most things you get what you pay for!!!
  • Locked/Unlocked – I’m not sure that this is even a choice Unlocked is the option in my opinion. It provides the freedom to use any SIM card for any local ISP provider that offers the most affordable mobile connection.
  • Speed – With most ISP providers they will offer both 3G and 4G speed and good coverage availability.
  • Functionality – Outside of the obvious ability to connect to the internet you may want to look for some other features such as battery power that will also act as a power bank charger to charge other devices. You may want more features for your specific needs.
  • Connectivity – Check to make sure you can connect all of your devices, most come with the ability to connect 5 individual devices at once, but you may require more.
  • Power Source – you want the ability to use completely wireless, so a good long-life battery is a must.

I Think We’re Done!!

Well, I think we have covered the question of What A Portable Wi-Fi Router is? I’m not sure the average user would find these devices useful in their everyday lives, but it is certainly another option that could help everyone with providing protection while online. With its portability, small sizeĀ  and inexpensive cost, it is worth considering.

It is certainly very useful while out and about wherever you may find yourself having to use Public Wi-Fi connection, providing privacy, security for your data, information and online presence. It is also a great tool for the traveler.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or just want to leave a comment please do so below

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8 thoughts on “Portable Wi-Fi Router, What Is It? How Does It Work?

  1. This was a really interesting read, I never knew this product existed! Especially given the current climate where all of my housemates and I are working at home, the wi-fi has become extremely slow, so I would definitely be in the market for one of these devices. It would be useful if you could do an article comparing the different ones you could get and the pro’s and cons of each, and which one is best value for money.

    • Hi, Kay, Thank you for taking the time to visit and for the comment. I am glad you found the post both helpful and informative. Kay, I am in the process of researching some of the best portable Wi-Fi Routers right now for an upcoming post which I hope to have on my site in a few days’ time. it will be a comparison Pro and Con review. I suggest you watch my site https://myinternetprotection.com Thanks again, all the best

      Take care

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  2. This looks like it would be very valuable to someone who travels a lot.  I live in the country and we have limited access so have to gain access to the Internet via a hot spot or phone and so naturally I worry about safety. This looks like it will solve a lot of my problems. From what I can tell, it should be able to solve another problem I have been having – connecting to my printer. It looks like I can use a portable modem to be able to print from my phone.  Is that correct?  Also – was wondering. Do you have any recommendations for the best models to consider?

    • Hi Janice, Thank you for taking the time to visit and for the comment. I am glad you found the post both helpful and informative. You should have no problem printing from your phone with a portable Wi-Fi router. Not knowing what type of phone and printer you have as long as both are Wi-Fi enabled you should be able to print from your phone without the use of Router. The first thing is you have to make sure both printer and phone are on the same Wi-Fi connection. I attached a couple of How-Tos’ one phone iPhone and for Android, I hope this helps. 



      All the best

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  3. I am not that internet savvy. So – if you buy a device, then connects to public internet with no further fees? Ar these routers the same as a hot spot?

  4. Hello Janice,

    I’m curious about the Wi Fi Router. I currently have connection at home via a cable modem/router internet. It provides all of the needs and speed for our requirements. I’m curious about a Portable Wi Fi Router for when we may need internet service when our cable system is down. Which happens a few times a year. I’m thinking I could use the Portable System as a backup. I have no idea of costs and if it would be a viable backup.

    My wife works from home and could use a backup if we can find one. I’m not sure about the costs and technically if it is possible.

    • Hi James, a portable WiFi router is a great option for back up your best bet is to look for a router to suit your specific needs, also make sure you look for one that has built in encryption, since you will be accessing public WiFi connection you will want security from possible hack. Costs vary depending on type you choose

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