Free VPN Protection, Is It Really?

Free VPN Protection  Free VPN

Is there such a thing as FREE? Most of the time things that are free are not. They almost always come with strings attached, and a VPN service is one. With so-called free services they could be many strings attached in the form of compromised security, privacy which is some reasons you want to use a VPN service to protect.

The free service providers still have to turn a profit, the infrastructure used to provide you service costs money to maintain, so in turn, some VPN providers will cut corners and use tactics that leave your online usage at risk.

Track And Sell Personal Data Dark VPN

These VPN providers will track your online browsing data, personal information and will sell to third party entities. In turn, will result in your online privacy being compromised.

Sharing your data with advertisers can result in an onslaught of unwanted ads.
Some free VPNs can hijack your browser and direct you to advertisers’ websites without your consent.

Weak, Easily Crackable Security

Providing free VPN protection is costly, and will cause free providers to use unreliable security and weak encryption, and in so doing your online presence is compromised and vulnerable to hacks.


Slow Internet Connection  Internet Speed

With any VPN service, you will experience some speed loss, with paid service speed loss is barely noticeable. Although speed loss is more of an annoyance, it does not affect your security or privacy. With ads and intentional speed throttling your web surfing will be at a snail’s pace. Most free services are using small networks with lots of traffic, and to keep it free must slow down speeds.

Limited Features

Most free VPN providers will keep the cost down and to try to get you to upgrade to paid service will limit access. They limit the number of servers and locations you have access to. They will also limit your usage.


So Is It Really Free?

With the term, FREE is it really free?? here the use of the word free could, in the end, cost more than dollars. If you are only using a VPN occasionally and don’t mind the possibility of constant ads, poor connection, drops, limited access and weak security, a free trustworthy VPN may suit your needs. Just keep in mind Is It Really Free?

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  1. We always believe that nothing in this world comes for free. Whether the cost involves real cash, degradation of service levels, longer times, loss of privacy and so on. Thank you for your very informative article. This just affirms our beliefs.

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