Buy VPN Service, What To Look For

Free? Paid?


I outlined in previous post pros and cons to using a Free VPN service, and if you only use the internet occasionally and okay with ads, dropped connections, weak security, then a free VPN service may suit your needs. Should you want to add an extra layer of security to what you already may be using, then a paid VPN service is what you may want to consider. Buy VPN service that will do exactly what you require, whatever that maybe, if it is just for checking emails, surfing, streaming your paid subscriptions, etc. Not all paid VPN services are equal, some log your browsing history, some may limit access, so you have to do some homework to decide which service will provide what you need.

No Logging Or Tracking

The idea behind using a VPN while online is to be anonymous, so a service that does not log or track your browsing history is what you want. This will ensure you have complete online privacy and security.

Servers Server

With a paid VPN service most offer access to many geographical locations, make sure your location is included. Easy connection to the country of your choice to a server in that country.
More servers will also mean less traffic to slow down the connection, not everyone will be using the same server, in the same country at the same time.

Kill Switch

Will prevent your IP address and sensitive data being exposed online if you experience a connection drop.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Look for a provider who offers unlimited bandwidth, if you are using VPN for streaming the bandwidth can burn up fast. Some will provide acceptable high restrictions as a way to allow a provider to police people who may abuse the service. Speed Throttling is another concern, you want to make sure service does not throttle connection.

Multiple Devices and Operating Systems  Multiple

Ideally, you want a service that offers multiple devices, like phones, computers, tablets, etc. You also want multiple operating systems. I personally use a provider that offers protection on my mac computer, IPad, android phone and windows computers.
Along with the number of devices, OS, you also want to be able to have multiple connections, since you may not be the only one using service at any given time.


Look for one easy to set up, and navigate you should be able to change Geo locations easily. Turn on/off quickly, access your account info easily.


Encryption  VPN Encryption

What level of encryption do they offer? The stronger encryption the harder to break and offers better security. Some offer military-grade encryption.

Paid Vs Free

There are many benefits that a paid VPN service provides over free. It is really up to you in the end, what you do online and are you willing to use unsecured connections. If you feel you may need some more protection but aren’t overly concerned, the use of free providers’ VPN service may work for you. If you are more worried about the prospect of being hacked, your information stolen, or just what to watch your favorite TV show while on holiday in another country, paying for a trustworthy VPN service may be for you. Ultimately it is your choice, PAID Vs FREE


I hope you enjoyed and found this post informative and if you have any questions regarding VPN’s please leave me a comment, and I will get back to you soon, Thank you

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  1. I am actually using double VPN through a browser and on my machine. With so many security issues while online for the average person and businesses it is almost a necessity to have a VPN for added protection.

    Great article thanks for the share and keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for this article Butch. There is a lot in here that I didn’t know about choosing a VPN service. A well written article, very easy to follow and understand. I will be checking into what I have.

  3. WoW I had no idea that having a VPN would do all this. To be honest didn’t know what a VPN was. But now that I do i’m definitely going to think about getting one. Sounds like it is worth it with all the hacking going on nowadays. Thank you for getting me informed!

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