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Hi, welcome to my Internet Protection With A VPN website. I am retired and since retiring I find myself using my computer a lot more. Like most people, I use my computer for almost everything, banking, news, email, entertainment, etc. and like most people, I’m concerned about my privacy while on the web. So in doing some research, I found that using a VPN, a (virtual private network ) is a great way to protect yourself.


I was very reluctant to start using a computer back in the late 80s 90s, I thought they were a bit of a waste of time. I wasn’t into downloading music, and playing games,  I like most people did my banking in the bank, paid bills, etc. by mail. I finally broke down and bought my first computer a 386, and haven’t looked back. My job was starting to use computers for our time, material ordering. Now I use it for most things and in doing so I left myself open for a hack, I was using a public Wi-Fi connection and someone got my credit card information, luckily they only made a small purchase and my credit card company alerted me and we could cancel the card. So after this incident, I reverted to doing my banking in person, didn’t buy anything online. It also prompted me to start looking for some protection while I was online public or private connections. So after trying a few different companies that provided VPN ( virtual private network ) services, I decided that my story may help someone, so internet protection with a VPN was born.



Hopefully, my website can provide some information about VPN, (virtual private network), the importance of using to protect your privacy, identity while you surf, download, share, whatever you do on your computer. In these days of almost everyone using computers, phones, tablets, etc. there are more and more people trying to steal our information.
It can also be very costly if your identity is compromised.



The main purpose of my website is to inform, I will be providing some great informational articles, about VPN, how they work, what a VPN is, and hopefully provide you with everything you need to know how to protect yourself on the web.

I hope you enjoyed this post if you have any questions or just want to leave a comment please do so below

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  1. It’s such a pity that most of us first have to become victims of malicious activity before we start becoming serious about taking basic precautions. This article and your website in general serves to warn people of the dangers out there. Good work.

  2. Frank so true, In my case I’m glad it happened, it woke me up to protect myself, fortunately it was only a small amount, and my credit card company notified me, I hate thinking about what it could have been!!! Thank you for taking time to visit and comment, all the best

    Take care
    Stay secure

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